11 May


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  • Provide logistical expertise to existing and prospective customers; and
  • Continue TRANS NAMENE’s reputation of ethical, trustworthy, and knowledgeable business transactions.

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30 Apr

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30 Apr

Get your products transported where ever, when ever with TRANS NAMENE

28 Feb

Taylor Brown

So a couple days ago I was drinking a glass of water, and got the chance to experience that WONDERFUL sensation when a portion of your beverage decides to go rogue and shoot down your wind pipe, resulting in uncontrollable, spastic, choking.  This common problem plagues millions of people every day, and I would like to take a moment to ask the big man on campus exactly what he was thinking when he came up with such an obviously flawed idea.  I mean seriously, is this a joke?  I’m sure you were having a lot of fun Gettin’-Your-God-On during those first seven days: building oceans, creating dirt, making the swirl on a snails shell mathematically perfect… all with the swish of a finger.  But, while you were designing all of it, did you stop to think how, down the road, putting the Esophagus right next to the Trachea might negatively effect…

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28 Feb


When someone says to trust them I ask, how much and in what way(s) For instance, if someone is an exceptional surgeon, can I trust them to rebuild a car engine for me? I don’t see how any person can be trusted in all ways; even if (especially if) they use a guilt trip.

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